Four Hour Breastfeeding Class, Practical and DVDs


Breastfeeding Class by Clare Boyle IBCLC & Catriona McCarthy IBCLC
Last Saturday of Every Month
Venue: 23 Upper Mount St, Dublin 2 (unless venue otherwise specified)
Breastfeeding Class by Clare Boyle IBCLC
Venue: Cork Airport Hotel, Cork Airport
Breastfeeding Class by Clare Boyle IBCLC
Venue: The Radisson Hotel, Ennis Road, Limerick.

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Welcome to the Milky Way

I hope you find this site helpful and interesting. Breastfeeding – the science of it and the age old practice of it – is an enormous and fascinating subject. The links provided here are to help you go directly to recommended additional information sources. Home Visit Consultation with clinical observation and one to one discussion are the optimal way to use internet knowledge accurately.

Preparing for Breastfeeding

Conflicting advice is often quoted around breastfeeding and what may appear to be conflicting isn’t always: what your baby needs changes every day from the day he is born. These changes occur radically within the first 3 weeks and to be forewarned with knowledge is definitely to be forearmed when it comes to understanding the next step your baby and you have arrived at. Learning to be able to read the baby you get is the key to happy breastfeeding and parenting in general. Read more…

Feeding Time

Research shows that most mothers have made up their minds about whether or not to breastfeed before becoming pregnant and some mothers also decide how long they wish to feed beforehand. This decision may be influenced by factors such as previous exposure to breastfeeding through family and friends, understanding of the benefits of breastfeeding and personal views on what is a manageable amount of breastfeeding to do or what you consider to be ‘enough’. Read more…